Trucker Lifestyle Hacks: Rest

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Difficult Sleep Schedules

Be sure to ask a CDL instructor at a CDL school near you about the assumptions you have about life as a trucker. A common challenge in trucking involves inconsistent sleep and drive times. Truckers can have unpredictable sleep schedules. Depending on your situation, your sleeping and driving times will vary.

For example, pulling a dry van may allow a more natural sleep pattern than reefer, but sleep is a significant concern throughout the industry.

Line Haul and P&D will have regular driving schedules, but they must get sleep and make quality family time at home.

For most truckers, there is no set work schedule. If you shut down at 5pm, your hours come back at 3am. Then you might shut down at noon, and your hours would return at 10pm. So you see, there is a "revolving" start time to your day. There are times you will be driving nights, days, weekends, and holidays.

It is perfectly acceptable to request more sleep before the next load is assigned but remember, dispatch has no idea what is happening in your truck unless you communicate. The dispatch team may have 100 other drivers to coordinate, so they aren't looking to see if you're parked next to a train track with a blaring horn all night or if the shipper was so noisy it kept you from sleeping. It is your responsibility to rest and to communicate with dispatch.

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