I wish I knew this before I started

Be sure to ask a CDL instructor at a CDL school near you about the assumptions you have about life as a trucker. We help new drivers understand the common detours of the trucking industry so that you begin your journey with the roadmap we wish someone gave us. We value the hard-learned lessons we've gained. We know starting out not having that experience can be intimidating.

Many times the trucking industry is seen through false stereotypes and stigmas. That is why we guide new drivers with an unbiased perspective of a career as a truck driver. We share straightforward strategies for avoiding the dumb tax we paid, so you don't have to. While shady folks and others confidently share misinformation, good instructors ensure they expose those practices to help navigate those who try to take advantage of you.

Trucking can be profitable and provide freedom, adventure, and lifelong relationships. It truly can be a meaningful career if you work hard, have a great attitude, and have an informed strategy in place. If you are looking for a no BS assessment from an experienced trucker who makes no money from lying, give us a shout.


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