Shower Credits?

Be sure to ask a CDL instructor at a CDL school near you about the assumptions you have about life as a trucker. Especially a Class A CDL instructor with experience in the type of driving you want to explore. If you are considering over the rode ask about shower credits. First, you need to know that shower credits are accumulated on truck stop fuel rewards cards. The more fuel you buy, the more shower credits you receive. Each chain has its own

requirements for fuel purchases. You need your own towel.

Some companies have dedicated or approved fueling locations, and because of this, you may need to shut down at a location where you do not have any fuel credits. If you choose to shower at that location, the $10 to $15 comes out of your pocket. Your other option is to shower during your drive shift.

Showers are less common than bathrooms. While having a bed in your truck is awesome, we often spend our 10-hour breaks at customers or need to park at convenience store locations that do not have laundry or showers.

Sometimes we are so elated just to be able to park and sleep, we don't care where we are. We are tired, out of hours, and need sleep. This can make the habit of "starting the day with a hot shower" challenging.

Some drivers in dry van divisions that park at a truck stop every night and shower in the morning. They can often take more than the 10-hour break and still rack up the miles. Others in reefer or flatbed avoid truck stop parking at all costs because of the potential accident danger. They're afraid someone might run into their truck trying to get parked. They shower mid-shift then park at Walmarts or other locations.

If you are a regional driver it will be easier to park and shower on a daily basis. However, because you're not running as many miles, you aren't burning enough fuel to earn those shower credits. Therefore, you may need to put out cash for those showers.

When running team routes with a student, it is much easier to shower daily because one of you will have hours at all times to ensure you get to a truck stop. When running solo, you can easily shower during your shift, so showering does not have to factor into where you park for the night.

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