12. Space Management 

Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. Why is proper space management so important?
2. If you’re driving your 70-foot rig at 65 mph in good weather conditions and minimal traffic, you should leave _____ seconds between you and the car ahead of you.
3. If you’re being tailgated, what are some actions you should take to stay safe?
4. How can you ensure a cushion on either side of your vehicle?
5. The minimum clearance distance for any overpasses you may encounter on your route is _________ if your trailer is 13’6” tall.
6. How does a heavy load impact the clearance distance below your trailer?
7. When you are making a right turn, ___________ before starting the turn.
8. If there are two lanes available for a left turn,:
9. Which of the following signs might indicate a distracted driver?
10. If you encounter a distracted driver who is on their handheld cell phone, what are some actions you can take to ensure your own safety?