15. Hazard Perception 

Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. A road _____ is anyone who uses the road, while a road _____ is the state of the road surface.
2. What speed limit should commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) drive when on an off-ramp?
3. Traveling through a work zone can present which of the following challenges?
4. What type of sign is posted in a work zone to give you advance warning of lane closings, construction areas, and workers ahead?
5. Which of the following are signs a parked vehicle might pull into traffic?
6. If you see jacked-up wheels, a raised hood, or activated four-way flashers in the distance, what should you do to avoid the disabled vehicle?
7. Which of the following are signs a driver may be confused or impaired?
8. Which of the following actions can you take to identify hazards early?
9. In addition to recognizing hazards, you should always __________ to avoid a crash.
10. If your escape route involves driving onto the shoulder, you need to be ready: