19. Roadside Inspections 

Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. How can you prepare for and pass roadside inspections?
2. You need to keep your record of duty status current to your last change of duty to avoid a violation. This includes today’s current activity and the previous _____ consecutive days, which must be in your possession and available for inspection while on duty.
3. Who is responsible for knowing how to execute the correct method of transfer, and display or print logs on an Electronic Logging Device (ELD)?
4. You, the driver, can be placed out of service during a roadside inspection if you:
5. Your vehicle can be placed out of service for:
6. Which of the following statements about the roadside inspection process is true?
7. After the vehicle inspection, inspectors will want to look at your CDL, record of duty status, vehicle registration, fuel license, and:
8. Which of the following statements about inspection reports is true?
9. When you pass an inspection and receive a CVSA decal, how long will it be valid?
10. A driver’s first violation of an out-of-service order carries the following penalty: