22. Environmental Compliance Issues 

Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. The burning of fossil fuels such as __________ releases nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere causing acid rain and smog.
2. On average, an idling truck uses about one gallon of diesel fuel every:
3. Engine idling impacts:
4. How many states have idling laws?
5. In addition to selected states, a ___________ may also have idling laws.
6. Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) are considered to be environmentally friendly and cost friendly, because:
7. Dirty air filters can:
8. Long periods of cranking an engine can waste fuel, therefore you should:
9. When transporting hazardous materials, you are required to carry __________ that is immediately available to you and any entity responding to, or investigating, a hazardous materials incident.
10. A report of a hazardous materials incident must be made by phone to the: