25. Post-Crash Procedures 

Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. If you leave the scene of an accident and you are convicted of this offense, how long will you be disqualified from driving a CMV?
2. Why is it important to move your vehicle (if you are able) to the side of the road if you are involved in an accident?
3. If you were involved in an accident and placed emergency warning devices four paces (or ten feet) behind your truck, forty paces (or 100 feet) behind your truck, and 40 paces (or 100 feet) in front of your truck, which type of road would you be on?
4. Per the regulations, you have __________ to set out emergency warning devices.
5. Which of the following is information you should document about an accident?
6. What conditions require post-accident alcohol and drug testing?
7. You must remain available for alcohol and drug testing if you are in an accident. Not remaining available for testing is considered a:
8. What are the four components required to make fire possible?
9. If flammable liquids are on fire, which class of fire extinguisher would you need to put out the fire?
10. Always use ______________ to put out a tire fire.