29. Drugs & Alcohol 

Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. Which activities are considered a safety-sensitive function?
2. A driver may not use alcohol during the _______ hours before performing a safety-sensitive function.
3. All drivers, prior to performing safety-sensitive functions for a motor carrier for the first time, must undergo what type of pre-employment test, and have what type of result?
4. Who can order a test based on reasonable suspicion?
5. Alcohol testing is done in a private setting by a trained and qualified:
6. If you initially test positive for drugs, what happens next?
7. Which actions are considered a refusal to test?
8. If you fail an alcohol test or test positive for drugs, you may not return to a safety-sensitive function until the return-to-duty process, including an evaluation by a ______________ has been completed.
9. Which of the following statements regarding alcohol use is true?
10. What has a greater impact on your ability to drive, alcohol or drugs?