3. Pre & Post-Trip Inspections

Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. In order to put a commercial motor vehicle on the road, you must first:
2. Before you inspect the engine compartment and front axle components:
3. What is the minimum tread depth for the steer-tire?
4. When inspecting the brake assembly, you should ensure:
5. After the initial 50-mile check, how often must you conduct additional on-the-road inspections of the cargo securement and securement devices?
6. What is the only circumstance you are not required to inspect your cargo and load securing devices?
7. When is it appropriate to conduct a post-trip inspection?
8. What items should a post-trip inspection include?
9. When do the regulations require drivers of property-carrying CMVs to complete and sign a DVIR?
10. If the previous driver found defects and noted them on a DVIR, what must you do before operating that vehicle again?