4. Basic Control Quiz

Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. What is the very first step you should take when starting a tractor-trailer engine?
2. What is the appropriate cool down period for a tractor-trailer engine?
3. When setting your tractor-trailer in motion, how can you tell the friction point of your clutch has been reached?
4. After stopping your tractor-trailer,:
5. When testing your tractor-trailer hook-up, pull gently against the locked trailer brakes and stop when:
6. What is off-tracking?
7. What is essential for you to do when you’re making a left turn in an intersection with multiple lanes?
8. What factors will determine how much time is needed to get your vehicle up to speed to safely merge with oncoming traffic on an interstate?
9. What should you do if you are unsure what may be behind your vehicle while backing?
10. What should you do if you cannot easily correct trailer drift (your vehicle is too far out of position) when backing your vehicle?