6. Backing & Docking

Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. How does your trailer respond when you turn the wheel to the right while backing?
2. What is a key reason backing is so dangerous?
3. What is the acronym commonly used to remember the safety check you should perform before backing?
4. If you can use a spotter when backing,:
5. Which of the backing techniques is fundamental in learning all other backing maneuvers?
6. What is the key characteristic to alley dock backing maneuver?
7. Which of the following statements regarding blind-side jackknife backing are true?
8. What backing maneuver should you use if the trailer did not wind up directly in front of the target?
9. What is something typically unique to loading dock areas you must watch out for when backing?
10. When backing in a parking lot, take note of the: