Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. If your fifth wheel isn’t greased properly, it can:
2. If your service line is loose or damaged, you’ll:
3. Backing under your trailer at an angle can:
4. When performing the tug test, when should you stop?
5. What is the safest way to lower and raise your trailer’s landing gear in high gear?
6. How can you pull the fifth wheel release handle in a way that doesn’t put yourself at risk of injury?
7. When positioning the converter dolly for coupling, you should roll the converter dolly up to the front of the rear trailer and stop when:
8. When preparing to couple a rear trailer to a converter dolly, the trailer height should be ______ the center of the fifth wheel.
9. How can you ease pressure on the fifth wheel locking jaws before uncoupling your tractor-trailer?
10. When uncoupling the converter dolly, why should you never unlock the pintle hook with the dolly under the rear trailer?