9. Communication

Directions: Read each statement carefully and mark the response that best answers the question. 

1. Using your turn signals is only optional when:
2. On the highway, you should signal about _____ feet before turning.
3. If traffic ahead begins to slow, what should you do to alert those around you that you’re slowing down?
4. What can happen if you attempt to direct traffic by flashing your lights, blowing your horn, or using hand signals?
5. When approaching a pedestrian or bicyclist, always assume:
6. From dusk to dawn, be sure your __________ are always turned on.
7. Which horn should you use when trying to communicate with others?
8. When is an appropriate time for you to use your four-way flashers?
9. According to the FMCSRs, if your vehicle is stopped, you have _____ minutes to set out your emergency warning devices.
10. How can making eye contact help you communicate with others around you?